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I'm a lost soul in a body, currently living like a traveller in this cruel but beautiful world. A friend, a daughter, a sister in humanity.

syedaaj replied to your post“I was wearing a black hijab and dark clothes when I approached my very…”
shoulda said u were life lol
lol clever why didn’t I think of that :/

I was wearing a black hijab and dark clothes when I approached my very old and sick patient in her sleep. 
She woke up and whispered “are you Death?”


He’s praying for her.

She’s praying for him.

Little do they know, Allah sealed their fate with each other before they were even born.


"It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else."

"If you settle your accounts with Allah and take refuge in remembering Him, you need not fear any creature; as the reckoning of creatures is transitory, while the reckoning before Allah is eternal."

Anonymous said: Salaam. U is cute. Happy everything. Remember to not walk a lonely road. Don't forget to smell the next flower you see. Remember to break your fast with an odd number of dates. I'm not sure exactly why I heard it was good. Take a bath in the shower.

Wasalaam. You are such a sweetheart :) take care of yourself!

Anonymous said: Why to the hospital?

I’m going on medication again. Du’as :)

  -  19 July
"Kufa will become empty of the believers and knowledge will leave Kufa as a snake leaves its lair. Then knowledge will appear in a land called Qum, and it will become a centre of knowledge and excellence until there will not remain in the world a person who is weak in religion, including women at home. And that will be near the appearance of our Qaim [Al-Mahdi]"

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