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If you’re a student between ages 17-24, please take a minute (or even less) of your precious time to answer two questions for my final year project: 

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If you’re a student between ages 17-24, please take a minute (or even less) of your precious time to answer two questions for my final year project: 


عشق یگانه ام
گریه نکن
اشک هایت می خراشد روحم را

My one and only love,
Do not weep
Your tears tug at my soul


Anonymous said: Salam, I have an honest question regarding your last post about nahjul balagha. I'm shia and I love nahjul balagha too, but every time I read certain sayings about women in there, I start questioning the authenticity of it. Like there's one that says something like "women are evil all in all..." Just curious to know what you think about some of the sayings and sermons regarding women.

Wasalaam, I hope you’re doing well :)
I understand your concern and let me tell you how I look at it. Personally I haven’t read that part of Nahjul Balagha where it says that women are evil all in all, but perhaps you are right and it could be found in one of the sermons. Now, what we must understand is that taking out bits and pieces from different sermons is actually taking them out of the context, which causes confusion - just like the Qur’an. We cannot take out an ayah from a surah out of context to support our arguments, because the Qur’an is complete as it is, right?
Same goes for Nahjul Balagha. We must look at the context and see why our imam (as) said this.

Another thing to consider is the time our imam (as) lived in. Perhaps it’s irrelevant to this particular saying but just in general, it is crucial to first understand what it was like during the time of the prophet (saws) and the ahlulbayt (as) before we start making our own assumptions.

Some people claim that Imam Ali (as) said ‘women are deficient in their minds, their fortune and their faith’. This saying looks questionable and if we examine it thoroughly, we’ll understand why. I won’t go further into that since it’s not what you asked lol, but I could bring it up if you want me to.

Personally, I believe that Nahjul Balagha is authentic, and if there is anything questionable about any sermon then I look at the context and think back at how it was at that time and why Imam Ali (as) may have said this. If I still don’t understand I look it up with scholars to see their view on it.
I hope that answered your question :) eltemase du’a.

  -  18 October

Ya Allah my heart gets filled with peace and so much love when I read Nahjul Balagha ❤


If you’re a Muslim girl and your name doesn’t end in the letter a, your parents are really freakin creative. They went the extra mile


the chances of me marrying deepika padukone are higher than pakistan ever being safe for shia muslims 


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